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  • - Blood-Test
  • - X-Ray
  • - Sonography
  • - CT-Scan MRI and Hospitalization
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  • - Angiography
  • - Angioplasty
  • - Bypass
  • - Knee Replacement
  • - Cancer Suergery
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Welcome to HealthWay Solutions

We are a HealthWay Solutions to fame tertiary consideration emergency clinic of India and have been recognized all inclusive as the focal point of clinical greatness. Throughout the years, HealthWay Solutions Hospital and Research Center has created unparalleled trust with its patients based on a solid establishment which incorporates the best in class offices, best clinical skill, research, instruction and magnanimous undertakings. We are incredibly pleased that today, we serve patients from varying backgrounds and national as well as worldwide.Our methodology and demeanor have consistently been with a human touch; which genuinely mirrors the embodiment of our proverb "More than Healthcare, Human Care".

  • Blood-Test
  • X-Ray
  • Sonography
  • CT-Scan
  • MRI
  • Angiography
  • Angioplasty
  • Bypass
  • Knee Replacement
  • Cancer Suergery
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Our Services

Ambulatory Care

Wandering consideration or outpatient care is clinical consideration given on an outpatient premise, including analysis, perception, meeting, treatment, intercession, and restoration administrations.


We gives controlled conditions in which logical or innovative research, analyses, and estimation might be performed.

Ambulance Service

Our rescue vehicle react to health related crises by crisis clinical administrations. They can quickly move paramedics and other people on call for the scene, convey gear for regulating crisis care and transport patients to medical clinic or other complete consideration.

Day Care

we give day care administrations to a wide range of medical procedures, chemotherapy, endoscopy, preventive wellbeing programs and even specific kinds of outpatient anti-toxin treatment.

Emergency Care

Crisis clinical administrations (EMS), otherwise called rescue vehicle administrations or paramedic administrations, are crisis administrations which treat ailments and wounds that require an earnest clinical reaction, giving out-of-medical clinic treatment and transport to complete consideration.


The essential strategic emergency clinic drug store is to deal with the utilization of meds in medical clinics and other clinical focuses. Objectives incorporate the choice, solution, procuration, conveyance, organization and survey of prescriptions to upgrade quiet results.

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